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Every product you purchase from from us is designed to Do two things:

      1. Keep Your Pet Safe
      2. Feed Other Shelter Pets around the world.
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During an emergency like house fire, we might not always be home to protect our pets. That is why we designed a pet rescue stickers that notifies the first responders that you might have a pet at home at needs to be rescued. 

Your Purchase Supports Shelter Pets

With every purchase, you contribute to the safety and care of pets waiting for their forever home.

You Shop

Shop our range of pet safety products and make a difference. Every purchase helps fund care for shelter pets around the world.

We Donate to Pet Shelters

With every item you buy, we donate directly to shelters. Your support helps provide meals and care to pets waiting for a new family.

Until Pets Find a Home

Our mission is to support pets until they find a forever home. Your purchases make it possible for more pets to be loved and rehomed.

Who are we

A few words about us.

Our pet safety products do more than protect; they provide a second chance for shelter animals. With every purchase, you help us equip your pet with the best safety gear while also feeding and caring for pets still awaiting homes.

Our efforts turn your purchases into powerful tools for change, supporting those without a voice. Discover the stories of transformation and resilience behind each product, fueling a mission driven by safety and compassion.

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What our customers are saying

The pet rescue stickers are a must-have for every pet owner. I placed them on my doors and windows, and they make me feel more secure knowing that my pets are accounted for in an emergency. It’s comforting to know that part of my purchase helps pets in need.


Cat owner

I purchased the pet wallet card from and it’s such a relief to know I have this added layer of protection for my dog when I’m not around. It’s a simple idea, but it gives me great peace of mind. Plus, supporting shelter pets with each purchase feels really good!

Josh T

Dog owner

The pet rescue stickers are not only practical but also a daily reminder of the good this purchase does. Every time I see the sticker on my window, I’m reminded that I’m helping to keep not just my own pets safe, but also supporting those in shelters. It’s a small thing that makes a big difference.


Cat owner